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About Lawn Tennis

Lawn Tennis Magazine We are the world's number one quality tennis magazine and quality tennis website.

We offer award-winning daily unique tennis articles written by our expert team of international tennis correspondents, not copied from the Associated Press which is the standard practice among almost all other top tennis websites. Lawn Tennis has made it one of our highest priorities to offer daily breaking tennis news, images and scores from around the world. Our commitment to tennis is unmatched online or in print.

Lawntennis.org is constantly updated to bring the top tennis news stories from around the world to you. It is produced by dedicated staff in New York, working with colleagues at Lawn Tennis' world headquarters in Los Angeles, California and with bureaus worldwide. Lawntennismag.com relies heavily on Lawn Tennis' global team of almost 500 news professionals.

Lawn Tennis, the website and the magazine, both reach thousands of tennis fans daily around the world and we would like to think, the universe as well. This is one reason we experience record breaking growth each month in terms of our traffic and our global audience. But we will never sacrifice our top quality for anything less.

Since June 1997, Lawn Tennis has graced the internet with informative and rare news, photos and other insights of tennis excellence. In September of 2002 we presented the first edition of our website published in print in the form of a monthly tennis magazine at a subscription rate of $125 a year for 12 exciting, high quality issues. Catch all the drama and excitement by allowing our monthly tennis magazine be your inside scoop to the professional tennis tours.

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