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Jonas Bjorkman Exclusive Lawn Tennis Interview
By Tripp Mateschitz, Lawn Tennis Correspondent, Posted: Monday, April 28, 2008 10:55am CST USA
Jonas Bjorkman Interview 2008
Jonas Bjorkman of Sweden
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( Earlier this month we profiled five reasons why you should play doubles tennis. We recently spoke with Sweden's Jonas Bjorkman who led his Davis Cup team to the finals in 1996 and to a Davis Cup championship in 1997. Bjorkman, one of the the greatest doubles players ever, was ranked world #1 in doubles in 2001 and reached the Wimbledon singles semifinals in 2006 at age 34.

Lawn Tennis: As a former world #4 in singles and world #1 in doubles, do you enjoy singles or doubles more at this stage of your career?
Jonas Bjorkman: I'm the worst one to answer that. Like always, I like both. It's no one in particular because right know I obviously enjoy singles, but when you play well in doubles, it's a lot of fun, because you can share that.

Lawn Tennis: What are your best memories?
Jonas Bjorkman: Beating Stefan Edberg US Upen '94. He was a big idol and a big help for me when I was on my way up. And to beat him in a slam and the only match we played is one of the sweetest ones.

Lawn Tennis: The '06 Wimbledon singles semifinals were pretty special for you?
Jonas Bjorkman: Yes, that was more the biggest surprise in my career . From only... from only winning two matches... before Nottingham I was thinking about quitting then making the semis of Wimby, so probably the most emotional result for me.

Lawn Tennis: Your postmatch celebration, specifically like the hugging?
Jonas Bjorkman: The hugging Wimbledon just came out of the blue. Because it was just something that I always dreamt about; to play well at Wimby, which I thought was my best chance to do well. But I never really put myself into a position to play well. And to finally come through and make semis at my stage of my career was a situation after about eight or nine hours that day, I just wanted to hug everyone in the crowd. So I just showed them, you know, all the support and thanked them as much as I could.

Lawn Tennis: Your favorite training routine?
Jonas Bjorkman: Favorite training routine... I would say anything with my fitness coach, my fitness coach Daniel. He's been working with me for nine years. If we do an hour, we do one hour, but it's very intense. And even if sometimes I don't like it, I know it's paying off later on.

Lawn Tennis: Can you explain your foot step postmatch celebration?
Jonas Bjorkman: My footpiece, yea? It's some comedians in Sweden who were making fun of all sports. And they do a phenomenal gymnastic program which we all liked, and I did that in '96 in the corridor of a Davis Cup match. And (Nickalos) Kulti (1996-2001 Bjorkman's Davis Cup doubles partner) told me that the finish of that program is his foot. And if I win the fifth rubber against Grant Stafford that I gotta have that as a victory step. And from then on it's always been a victory step when I win titles.

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