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How To Lose A Weak Groundstroke In Ten Days
By Thurston Soros, Lawn Tennis Correspondent, Posted: Tuesday, December 2, 2008 6:33pm PST USA
How To Lose A Weak Groundstroke In Ten Days
Practice makes perfect
( You could go to your local country club or tennis center and workout with a tennis pro to improve your tennis game, or you can follow our latest Lawn Tennis Tip to lose your weak groundstroke in only ten days.

Day One
Once you recognize what your weakness is, for example your backhand, then imagine you are going to hit two forehands. Then you don't have an excuse on either side.

You should be hitting a great shot from either groundstroke.

Day Two
Work on you fitness offcourt. If you are not fit, good technique is still not going to be enough. You can bikeride, rollerblade, run and/or swim if you find going to the gym boring.

Day Three
One visualization tool you can use is find a professional tennis player who is right handed if you are right handed and who hits a similar groundstroke that you would like to hit. You can videotape his or her matches and watch the player's techniques for some free ideas and excellent examples. For example both of the Williams Sisters, Venus Williams and Serena Williams hit excellent two handed backhands. Also both their forehands and backhands are hit with very early preparation and take back. When they see the ball coming over the net, their rackets are back well before the ball hits their racket strings.

Day Four
Find a ball machine or tennis wall. Nothing can replace the repetition. The tennis wall is good to get a long rally going. You can set the ball machine to aim to your backhand each time.

Day Five
Call up a friend to play a set. Practice and hitting are the only real ways to improve your game.

Day Six
In your sets and hitting sessions, practice your technique. Clay courts are the best for this since the overall play and balls are coming at a slower pace, thus allowing you more time to set up and prepare for each shot.

Day Seven
Develop variety in your weak groudstroke so that it eventually becomes a weapon. You should be able to hit topspin, flat, lobs and slice all from that side and then you're ready to go.

Day Eight
Consider playing doubles tennis to practice your overall game.

Day Nine
You don't want to forget your regular tennis buddies, but you need to practice and hit with tennis players better than you are in order to improve your tennis game. Hitting with people who can't keep the ball in or hit the ball after two bounces is great for them, but bad for you.

Day Ten
Join a weekly tennis league, meeting for example on Monday nights, 3.0 or 3.5 singles. You want to be competitive but you also want to have fun playing your new game and hitting your new groundstrokes.

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