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Top Five Reasons Why You Should Play Doubles Tennis
By Thurston Soros, Lawn Tennis Correspondent, Posted: Tuesday, April 15, 2008 8:35pm CST USA
Top Five Reasons Why You Should Play Doubles Tennis
Doubles tennis as shown in the 1920s.
1. Experience A Team Atmosphere In Tennis
Doubles tennis is a game played between two teams of two players. This will offer you a chance to experience a team atmosphere in tennis, a sport which is for the most part an individual sport. In doubles tennis, two persons of the same gender compose a team. Mixed doubles tennis requires one male and one female make up a team. You can use this team format to spend quality time with family and friends who play tennis. Also you may socialize with friends or meet new people.

2.Practice Your Volleys
If you are a frequent singles baseline player, playing doubles will give you a great opportunity to practice your volleys that you are developing or would like to develop.

Tennis players of all skill levels and game styles can use doubles to sharpen their net games. You may also experiment with the serve and volley play in doubles as net play is rewarded more in doubles than in singles competition.

3. Use Doubles As A Practice Session
Persons who bore quickly on the tennis practice courts choose to practice less and play more doubles. You can practice your whole game in doubles and at the same time have fun.

4. Try Out Your Placement And Control
The modern singles tennis game with the invention of modern rackets and more physically fit tennis competitors has led to a power dominated game. However in doubles play, control and placement oftentimes are more important than power. Doubles is an excellent chance to try out your placement, control and spin.

5. Required Physical Fitness Lower In Doubles
Finally in doubles you only are covering one half of the tennis court, while your partner is covering the other half. This means you are not required to be in the best condition physically. Also you can use a super tie breaker as the USTA and other tournaments now use in lieu of a tiring third set.

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