Lisa Raymond Interview
Lisa Raymond Lawn Tennis Interview

Lisa Raymond Talks Olympics August 11, 2004

MEMPHIS -- ( Tennis caught up with American Olympican Lisa Raymond this spring in Memphis.

Lawn Tennis: How do you feel playing college tennis and being NCAA Champion has helped your pro career?

Lisa Raymond: I think for me when I was in college; you know, I had a lot of confidence. I went undefeated my sophomore year and I think that any time you can feel that good on a tennis court and feel that good about yourself and dominate the way that I did it's going to carry over on the pro tour a little bit. It took me a little while to adjust to the pros but to come out here and feel that good about my game has definitely helped.

Lawn Tennis: Lisa you're well known for being a great doubles player. What do you feel is the key to playing winning doubles?

Lisa Raymond: Find a good partner. No. I mean the chemistry is very important. I think winning doubles teams get along well and you have to mesh personality-wise and your games have to mesh also.

Lawn Tennis: Did you have a chance to visit the St. Jude Hospital? What's you feeling about this tournament being associated with such a sponsor?

Lisa Raymond: No I was not able to visit but I think it's incredible what this tournament has done with the hospital through the years. The kids day goes towards St. Jude that they do here on Sunday at the beginning of the tournament and anything that you can do as far as raising money for kids no matter what the cause is weather it's a disease, weather it's adolescence or children it's amazing and I think that this tournament attaching itself to such a great cause every year is incredible.

Lawn Tennis: What will you and Martina Navratilova would need to do in order to qualify for the Olympics?

Lisa Raymond: You'll have to ask Zina Garrison that question.

Lawn Tennis: You seem calmer this year on the court.

Lisa Raymond: Exactly. I think that's so important for me. Before in the past I would get upset with myself or I'd start getting very negative and for some reason this year I've had this confidence out there. It's probably because I'm here by myself. This is one of the first tournaments when I don't have my coach with me. I don't have any friends with me or family so it's kind of just all me out there and I've just relied on myself all week for support and to get me through matches. I think that's been for the most part of it good for me.

Lawn Tennis: Did you have a chance to go to Graceland?

Lisa Raymond: No I have not and I'm embarrassed to say I've been here three years and I've not gone there so it's not that I don't want to. I certainly want to but it just has not worked into my schedule yet.

Lawn Tennis: Thank you for talking to us.

Lisa Raymond: Sure.


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