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Lindsay Davenport 2008 Memphis Post-Final Interview
By Tripp Mateschitz, Lawn Tennis Correspondent, Posted: Saturday, March 1, 2008 10:00pm CST USA
Lindsay Davenport 2008 Memphis Post-Semifinal Interivew, olga Govortsova
Photo by Mark Humphrey/AP
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MEMPHIS--( Women's Final

Lindsay Davenport def. Olga Govortsova 6-2, 6-1

Memphis 2008, Regions Morgan Keegan Championships, Cellular South Cup Regions Morgan Keegan Championships and the Cellular South Cup
February 25-March 2, 2008
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Draws: ATP | WTA
Day 7: Sunday SOP

Question: You talked how well on the court things are going. Could things have gone much better for you at this point?
Lindsay Davenport: Not really. I honestly had no idea what to expect coming back. I was obviously hopeful, but not too sure. Especially given my age and given the age of most of the girls that now play. While not old for anyone, it's old in women's tennis. But no, it's just been great. I think that I've been pretty smart about my schedule and what tournaments I've been playing. I've been really successful... obviously dissapointed in Australia. I obviously had a tough draw but still didn't play that well. But now I've got a few really big tournaments coming up, and it's important for me to do well in those... and face, probably face more players in the top ten, top five. Hopefully this all gives me a lot of confidence for that.

Question: Do you get weary of the working mom theme?
Lindsay Davenport: You gotta just love it. (laughs) Obviously it's hard work and it's tiring. Life's never been more fullfilling or less boring. You know I think that now whenever I have a few minutes for myself, I obviously relish it. Before I used to get quite bored on the tour and have almost too much downtime. But I love it. I love being busy. I love juggling a lot of things, and every part about it has been great so far.

Question: Talk about your efficiency on the court, less than an hour... (unheard)
Lindsay Davenport: Well, you know, I can't control necessarily who my opponents are, how matches go... just really how I play, how I concentrate and the level of effort I can give. I tried really hard this week. I started off with my toughest match in the first round. When I got through that match I felt a lot of confidence through the next four. I felt like I was always in control of the matches and dictating the points and serving well. That's really the most important things... the most important thing I need to do to do well.

Question: Where was he (her son Jagger) today? I gather he's been...
Lindsay Davenport: Yea, he's been up in the suites, coming and going...

Question: How much did you look at him today?
Lindsay Davenport: Oh no, not during the match. (laughs) I saw him when I got on the court. I know where they're sitting. She always makes him wave to me (laughs). Then that's about it.

Question: You mentioned you were last here when you were 15 in the girls 18 and unders?
Lindsay Davenport: Yea I won it, both singles and doubles (knocking on wooden table in front of her chair with her fist) so I'm knocking on wood for one more match (laughs). Then I have to retire from the Memphis tennis club. (laughs)

Question: How difficult or easy has it been since coming back and trying to make your return?
Lindsay Davenport: Well life's obviously much different, and a lot more obstacles... more of a juggling act. So far my husband and I have been pleasantly surprised about how manageable it's been. I think it gets a little more challenging now that he's getting mobile and will be walking soon. Yea obviously more active. But he's so great. He's been sleeping the night through since about 11 weeks. You know, he travels well. Everything about it allows my husband and I to do almost all the work with no live in... and someone helping us obviously on the road, but other than that so far we're surviving.

Question: Direct flight from (airline)... it that why you were able to play Memphis again...
Lindsay Davenport: (laughs) I try to go everywhere where it's a nonstop flight. (laughs) That's true. Yea, exactly.

Question: As some of the top seeds start falling at this tournament, how does that affect your mindset? Do you think I'm going to be sailing from here on out?
Lindsay Davenport: Not necessarily, but obviously it was a huge shock when Venus lost in the first round to a somebody I didn't know. And after I got through my first round against a girl I'd lost to a couple of weeks before (in Fed Cup). You know I definitely felt much more confident, getting that win. The draw obviously opened up a little bit for me, and I just took advantage of it.

Question: When you go through a pregnancy and you come back, do you have a new perspective on the game... a new mindset?
Lindsay Davenport: I think just having a baby and having something so much more important than your career and your life puts more perspective than necessarily the pregnancy or anything like that. Tennis does seem so minor in my life now. Obviously my career is hugely important to me but you know, life revolves around my son and his well being. And if that cooperates, and it allows me to play tennis, then so far so good. (laughs)

Question: Majors still the goal?
Lindsay Davenport: Pardon?

Question: Majors still important?
Lindsay Davenport: They are. You know I've always tried to be really realistic my whole career, and I'm hopeful to do well in the majors again at some point. I believe Wimbledon is probably my best chance to do well because of the fast nature of the grass. But overall I haven't set too many goals like that. It's just kind of being out here playing.

Question: How happy are you to win a tournament like this?
Lindsay Davenport: Just you know, I'm obviously ecstatic to win any tournament, and to win here in the states... and to play as well as I did... to win how I was winning, very comfortably, gives me a lot of confidence. But I think the one thing I am good at is I try to put it behind me. I try to carry the confidence in the next tournament but kind of live in the present. And I know in, I don't know ten days or so, I'll be in Indian Wells playing a really tough tournament, and have to start from stratch there.

Question: With the 55th title you now tie Virgina Wade. Having your name next to hers, how does that feel?
Lindsay Davenport: It's great. I mean I never been one to look at you know at records or anything but it all seems surreal to me, you know, obviously up there with the greatest players that's ever played. I can't believe I passed Monica. Monica was my idol for years and years, so it's great... probably stuff I'll think about long after I stop playing. Yea, I'm just happy I won the title in Memphis.

Question: Did you play indoors much when you where growing up in California?
Lindsay Davenport: No, we don't have indoor courts in California, not one.

Lindsay Davenport: One more.
Question: Do you see yourself coming back here?
Lindsay Davenport: I hope so. I never know what the future brings. A year seems like an eternity away in time from right this second. But if I'm playing next year I'll definitely come back. It's been a great, great week. I like the court. I like the fans, and you know, God willing, hopefully I'll be back.

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