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Regions Morgan Keegan Championships And Cellular South Cup - Memphis 2007 Regions Morgan Keegan Ch'ships
And The Cellular South Cup

Memphis, Tennessee
February 16-25, 2007
Regions Morgan Keegan Championships And Cellular South Cup - Memphis 2007
Venus Williams Post-Match Press Interview Round Two
Reporting From Onsite In Memphis, Tennessee
By Tripp Mateschitz, Lawn Tennis Correspondent, Posted: Wednesday, February 21, 2007 7:17am CST USA
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V. Williams(7) def. C. Wozniacki 6-4, 6-4
Venus Williams Memphis 2007 Regions Morgan Keegan Championships and the 
Cellular South Cup
MEMPHIS--( You seemed to be moving real smooth in the second set. Up 4-0 and you're serving. What happened? Did you lose focus again? Start thinking like last night?
Venus Williams: I think that I had a loose point, and from there I just started making some more errors. She does a good job of getting the ball back and trying to take advantage of moving forward when she has a chance. So she did a good job and she kept it close.

Question: Compare the two matches.
Venus Williams: I think this match definitely was better for me. You know I had definitely a lot of good streaks of play, and that was good for me. I always think like, when I get to the tighter points, I'm playing better. When it's at 4 all, I really start to pick up my game a lot more, so that's good to know.

Question: Talk about playing here in this tournament. What do you think about this whole set up?
Venus Williams: I'm having a great time. I feel so wonderfully blessed to be here and to be healthy enough to play. I feel really excited about my opportunity in the quarterfinals. The quarterfinals are really awesome so Memphis has been really good to me.

Question: Venus what would you regard as a success this week?
Venus Williams: Um, well, with my mentality of course I would love to come back with the win, but it's basically one step at a time. I can't rush it. I'm in the quarterfinals with a day off. It's real nice for me. It's real (unheard).

Question: Venus you had a few tough backhand overheads. For people that aren't familiar with tennis, can you talk a little about why they're difficult?
Venus Williams: You mean the ones I didn't get?

Question: Yea.
Venus Williams: Um, you know basically when you come to the net the best strategy is to lob it over to that side which is not the dominant so... She hit some good lobs and I couldn't get them all back.

Question: Given the layoff... two nights in a row. Any fatigue set in in the second set?
Venus Williams: No, I'm actually in pretty good shape. I feel like I'll get in better shape even this week from playing matches. I think I'll be fine.

Question: How was your wrist this morning?
Venus Williams: I was fine.

Question: Sore?
Venus Williams: No. No, not at all. It was fine.

Question: Are you surprised by that... given what you've gone through in practice and everything?
Venus Williams: Um, you know once I got in the first match, it wasn't bothering me. Like I said yesterday, I was feeling really confident so everything's good.

Question: Did you bring any of your dogs here to Memphis?
Venus Williams: (soft voice) No(oooo)... no(oooo)... No dogs.

Question: They didn't make it?
Venus Williams: (soft voice) No(oooo)...

Question: Venus your father had some ways he felt you could improve your game. (unheard)
Venus Williams: There's always ways to improve. I definitely agree.

Question: Have you had a chance to talk to Serena to see about how her flu is going?
Venus Williams: No, I haven't talked to her recently; just email. It's a lot easier emailing text, so I guess that's kind of talking.

Question: What about the posibility of playing the same opponent that Serena played for the championship?
Venus Williams: Who is that?

Question: The young lady from Israel (Shahar Peer who Serena played in Melbourne in January).
Venus Williams: Oh, I would be so very happy to be in the championships myself. So if it's Shahar or anyone else, it would be a wonderful match.

Question: Do you feel like you're able to put into practice in these matches the things that you and your dad have been working on? He wasn't so sure that was the case.
Venus Williams: What's the question?

Question: I guess if you feel like you're executing the plan in the match (that) you guys have been working on in practice?
Venus Williams: I definitely think I've done a pretty good job. Obviously practice and a match is different. And you know just coming back, it's tough, but I mean most importantly I feel like I'm playing aggressively, and you know I'm trying to attack the serve, especially the second. My second serve is pretty aggressive. And a lot of the times I'm going for my shots. It's important definitely to play aggressively because that's when opportunities come.

Question: That explains a lot of you going for winners on second serves?
Venus Williams: Um, if you get a second serve, it's going to be one of the weakest shots. So it's an opportunity for you to take control of the point. So most of the time, especially if I'm in position, I'm going to try to go for it.

Question: Pretty automatic?
Venus Williams: Yea, pretty automatic. In that last game I went for a couple, and then just coming. If she hits a slow first serve, I'm going to hit it.

Question: You play at many places that have small studium courts like this? Do you like this type of set up?
Venus Williams: Yea, it's really nice. It's not too often I get to play in this kind of setting so it's very, very nice. And everybody's so close: you can just feel the, you know, the anticipation and the energy.

Question: I know you referred to this earlier. Have you and your dad talked about strategy and how you're going to play your matches? Even coming back in the second; how tough is it at this point, (unheard) to execute what he and you talk about?
Venus Williams: Um, I think just the only things that are tough probably to execute are just the things that I'm not as comfortable doing.

Question: What are those things right now..... with the wrist?
Venus Williams: Oh, I don't necessarily get into those things (laughs) in the press conference, but you know. I think everybody has things in their game that they don't like as much as others so...

Question (Moderator): Any more questions.......? Thank you very much.
Venus Williams: Thank you. Goodnight.

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