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Regions Morgan Keegan Championships And Cellular South Cup - Memphis 2007 Regions Morgan Keegan Ch'ships
And The Cellular South Cup

Memphis, Tennessee
February 16-25, 2007
Regions Morgan Keegan Championships And Cellular South Cup - Memphis 2007
Venus Williams Post-Match Quarterfinals Interview
Reporting From Onsite In Memphis, Tennessee
By Tripp Mateschitz, Lawn Tennis Correspondent, Posted: Friday, February 23, 2007 10:19am CST USA
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V. Williams(7) def. L. Granville 7-6(7-2), 6-4
Venus Williams Memphis 2007 Regions Morgan Keegan Championships and the 
Cellular South Cup
MEMPHIS--( Question: Venus, that was a good win; a tough match.
Venus Williams: Yea, it was and she's a good player. She hits solid. She definitely took her opportunities, but there were just times when I played a game and there were just four errors. I'm thinking to myself, "She's not giving you anything. Why are you so generous?" (laughs) And um, still I feel like it was a really good match. Especially from the 0-3 point, I feel like I starting getting my feet in a lot better position which is so important. I think that made a huge difference.

Question: Is it just the rust? I mean the unforced errors?
Venus Williams: Yea I think so. Definitely, it's just finding a balance. Sometimes I had it and other times I don't. I look forward to this next match. I think I'll be better for sure. I think for sure my serve has improved since the first match and everything's improving. So, you know a lot of the times I just wanted to hit such a great shot too that I end up not hitting a good shot at all. (laughs) So I think sometimes I have to go for something a little more average and set myself up a little better.

Question: You mentioned a couple times after you'd hit an error, you'd scoot. What was that about?
Venus Williams: Well I was trying to get my feet moving. When my feet are moving and I'm in position, my game is going so much better. It's just to remind myself.

Question: Venus, it's a pretty big day for women's tennis?
Venus Williams: Absolutely.

Question: With equal prize money.
Venus Williams: Certainly, it's a wonderful day. We've been campaigning for quite a long time. I'm excited that Wimbledon made the right decision. That's what it was all about: doing the right thing on all levels.

Question: It has been a long fight.
Venus Williams: It has been, you know. It has been before Larry Scott was our CEO also so it's been awhile... since Billie Jean King was pulling. She played a wonderful role in being an advocate right to this day so I know it's a wonderful for her too.

Question: What do you say to... some players, male players will say they spend more time on court, you know they play more in grand slams, maybe they deserve more money. What do you say to them?
Venus Williams: You know someone asked me this question earlier and I just feel like in the modern world, with the modern thoughts; we all understand that everyone's equal. So, you know, if a male player of someone else doesn't choose to live in a modern world and do the right thing, we feel like thank God the majority of people at the All England Club understand that.

Question: Were you aware before today that this was going to happen? I mean did you find out before today?
Venus Williams: Well not until last night, so I think it all came quickly. And the announcement came fast and my phone broke so no one could reach me. Finally I read my email (laughs). It was exciting though.

Question: Touching on (one of the previous questions) you did play a historic match in 2005. I think you and Lindsay were on the court longer than any women ever....
Venus Williams: Definitely...

Question: And Mr. Federer is sometimes on the court less...
Venus Williams: Yea, it varies. It really varies. I believe people... people who come to Wimbledon love tennis. They want to see the men. They want to see the women. And for all the people that disagree, I would just say to them: how would you feel if your sister or your wife or your daughter was not treated on an equal level? So I think you have to take it home. You have to really put yourself in that situation. It has to hit close to home. And I think that if asked that question and they were honest, they would say, you know, I wouldn't want that.

Question: Is there (unheard) among three set matches and five set matches (unheard).
Venus Williams: Yea there's been an arguement for many years. At the end of the day it was moot. It was about doing the right thing. The prize money difference was not...I mean it's a large amount of money... but in the whole prize pool it wasn't, you know, a huge number in comparsion. So it was just about doing the right thing.

Question: Have you ever played four night matches at a WTA Tour event before?
Venus Williams: No (laughs) I don't think so. Um, maybe if you would include singles and doubles. But that's were they want me. I like to cooperate.

Question: Do you think the (fast) speed of the stadium court has any effect on your serves here?
Venus Williams: On my serves?

Question: The speed of the court...
Venus Williams: Um, I don't know. I guess you'd (laughs) have to ask my opponent because I'm not returning it. But hopefully it's given me an advantage.

Question: What was your reaction to what your dad had to say after your second round match?
Venus Williams: I didn't hear what he had to say.

Question: He was critical. He said you weren't playing well. I'm just curious how you felt.
Venus Williams: Well, he didn't tell me that so maybe he was (unheard) (laughs)

Question: One more question? Do you think you might possibly play Amelia Island? Have you thought about that at all?
Venus Williams: I'm scheduled to play Charleston at this point so I don't see it happening.

Question(Moderator): Any more questions?
Venus Williams: Good night you guys. Thanks.

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