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Shahar Peer Lawn Tennis Fed Cup 2007
Israel Versus Austria

Linz, Austria
Shahar Peer Lawn Tennis
Shahar Peer Wins In Fed Cup, Memphis Final Interview
By Tripp Mateschitz, Lawn Tennis Correspondent, Updated: Tuesday, July 24, 2007 6:52pm CST USA
Shahar Peer def. Yvonne Meusburger 6-3, 6-1
Shahar Peer Israel Fed Cup, Memphis Final Venus Williams 2007
Israel Moves Into Fed Cup World Group

AUSTRIA--( Shahar Peer defeated Austria's Yvonne Meusburger, 6-3, 6-1, leading the Israeli team to a win at the Fed Cup in Linz, Austria Sunday and to an eighth-place world ranking which means for the first time the team qualifies for the eight team World Group.

(From Memphis 2007 Final: Venus Williams def. Sharhar Peer 6-1, 6-1)
Question: (Unheard) Having just played them both. (Question about Venus Williams and Serena Williams)
Answer: I guess both of them. I mean against Serena I was even closer to win the match. Today I was not even close but... both of them are playing great. Both of them have won so many grand slams and so many titles and were number one so... (unheard) who is better.

Question: How do you feel about your own game?
Answer: I think in the beginning of the match I was not playing good and then it just keeps on and then she (unheard) a lot of confidence. I didn't see her play like this the whole week. She just made so many winners. I did a lot of unforced, so it was going both ways. I played not good, and she was playing very good... so that's why I lost so easy.

Question: Did you become fatigued at all in the second set? Tired?
Answer: Tired? No, I was not tired. I didn't feel I moved very well, but I didn't feel tired. It's just she was playing good.

Question: Were you surprised how strong she was in this round?
Answer: Yea, she's very experienced. She knows how to come to those matches... to those finals; she has so many. Like she said after the match she was so focused. That was the key I guess: from the first game. And against the good players I cannot lose my serve. I cannot start very badly and hope to fight. Everytime I have to start in the beginning good and as the match goes on I'll see how it goes. I was just not fighting well. The whole match was not good.

Question: How do you look back at this week?
Answer: It was a very very good week except the final. I played really good... good matches... the semifinals I think was really good. In the rest of the rounds I was playing very good tennis. And I'm happy about the way I played... the first time me losing a final; not the happiest thing, but I hope I will have a lot of other times to win.

Question: Do you think the speed of the court had any affect on her serve?
Answer: I dont know. I think on every court she has a big serve. I mean she's serving 125 an hour. I mean, on any court she's going to serve like that. She's always been a good... a big server... and that's also today and the whole week.

Question: (Unheard) 2-1 in the first set (unheard).
Yea, I was looking for one or two points in a row to get my confidence back... and make her maybe play a little bit less good as she was playng. But I just didn't find three or four points in a row. Even in the last game I was 40-15 on my serve. Um, I don't know. I didn't find a lot of good first serves in, and I couldn't, like I say, win a few points in a row.

Question: Were you surprised that she kept her error count so low?
Answer: Um, one way yes, but the other way no because she's a good player. But like she says, she was off for... I didn't know for seven months. I knew (she was off) for a long time. But she had already four matches this week. And I guess the first match that was 6-1 in the third that she won and... was her toughest because she was not in a good rhythm. But I mean I guess today she was playing her best the whole week. I was watching her playing against (Laura) Grandville: she hit so many unforced... also today, but not too many as the other matches.

Question: How would you compare the two matches with Venus and her sister Serena?
Answer: I was just saying I'm not comparing any of the matches. I mean, it's like they're sisters okay, but it's like, you're not asking me "how do I compare between two and nothing?" Each of them is a different player. Both are very good. Um, I lost to both of them so I guess I have to improve.

Question: (Moderator) Any more questions? Thank you very much.
Answer: Thank you.

Question: Thank you.

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