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From Fastest To Forgotten?
By Tripp Mateschitz, Lawn Tennis Correspondent, Posted: Wednesday, February 11, 2009 6:28pm PST USA
Andy Roddick: From Fastest To Forgotten, Lawn Tennis Magazine LOS ANGELES--( What happened to the Andy Roddick of the USA who at age 26 still possesses the ATP Tour's fastest serve and remains America's top ranked player?

That is the question many Americans and tennis fans worldwide find themselves asking as men's tennis threatens to become a Roddick-less two man show.

Roddick's tennis talent was evident at a young age and he took the junior title at the 2000 Australian Open. The following year in 2001, a 19 year old Roddick defeated the seven time Wimbledon champion and American Pete Sampras at Miami.

Then in the early 2000s with the American legends Sampras and Andre Agassi approaching retirement, Roddick along with fellow Americans such as James Blake and Mardy Fish were hailed as the savors of American men's tennis.

And although Fish and Blake are yet to score singles grand slam titles, Roddick would take home his lone singles grand slam title the US Open title in 2003.

Andy Roddick of the USA
In 2004 Roddick served up the world's fastest serve ever at 155 miles per hour, a stunning record which still stands today.

He then reached the world's top ranking one month later in November on the way to winning 26 career singles ATP Tour tournaments.

In 2004 Roddick served up the world's fastest serve ever at 155 miles per hour, a stunning record which still stands today.

But then the former number one Roger Federer of Switzerland would combine his allcourt power and remarkable overall consistency to dominate men's tennis starting in 2003 to win 13 career singles grand slam titles, one short of the all time men's leader, Sampras with 14.

Federer ruled the Roddick head to head, racing to an oddly one-sided 16-2 lead. And before Roddick could solve the Federer puzzle, surprisingly a Spanish lefthander who in previous years had favored the claycourts, would emerge as an all surface player last year.

Rafael Nadal of Spain, the current ATP Tour world number one had never lost a match at the French Open through last year, winning in Paris the last four years for a record of 28-0. And then last summer after developing then executing a more aggressive baseline attacking game, Nadal took the Wimbledon and the Summer Olympic titles before last month winning the Australian Open title as well.

Roddick has fared better against Nadal, holding a 2-4 head to head record versus the Spaniard. However Nadal and Federer have contested six total grand slam finals, including three of the last four.

Lost among the Nadal versus Federer rivalry has been Roddick who again bowed out at this year's Australian Open semifinals to Federer 6-2, 7-5, 7-5. But Roddick and his supporters can take optimism from the facts that he along with Federer are the only two players to have finished in the ATP Tour rankings in the top 10 the last seven years, and that Roddick, now ranked 6th, upset the defending Australian Open champion, Novak Djokovic of Serbia in the quarterfinals.

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